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released July 26, 2014

All songs written and produced by Mitchell and Matt Beard
Mastered by Tom Fleming
Album Artwork by Harrison Hollidge
CD Artwork by Ginny Mortensen
All rights reserved
Copyright 2014



all rights reserved


BROTHERS BEARD Concord, California

Mitch Beard = Guitar/Bass/Vox

Matt Beard = Drums

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Track Name: Modest Cephus
In the garden
Where your help has fallen
Down and out
Out from within
Where's your neighbor?
With his words he says that
You got potential

Always why do you ever tell me
I wasn't good for you
You didn't know
Who I was
Oh well
I guess you hide that way
Shake your vibes
And run them away

As I crawl out
Between the Earth's surface
Eyes open
Tears just run out
And I feel like
The season Winter called it
Hell, Hell in this cold
Track Name: Gravity On Both Sides
And it all floats away
The gravity on both sides
And it all floats away
The gravity on both sides

Its alright come with me
The lead in your paint stays with me
Well I see you scream down the hall
With argue after argue for all

Skin's weak
And I'll be better off with the sunrise
In a week
And don't pity don't fall

My head aches as you dwell
From the pipe down to the swell
Why on Earth come to this
Earth revolves more than your bliss
Track Name: Insomnia
Lighters away
Caught in the spotlight
I've been waiting for a while
You throw away
All that's for sake
The room is on fire for
The flight

Hold me sovereignty for a while
In the house where you keep all the wild
As you hold your thoughts
By the pound
Streaks of fire burn from the south
Oh would you just wish you were a child
As with all the youth that gets loud

The more that I wait
My heart hesitates
And I'm sitting here in your aisle
No need for fists
The room still exists
And were all working for
The night

I always find mindless people
In the backseat of the Beetle
Track Name: Tie Dye Spots
In my eyes alone
There's just somethings that I could forget
How life was so simple
But instead it was pushed to the edge
My friends they considered
Somethings that most would have more interest in
My fingers they dwell with
Directions where my life could point ahead

I said Oh what a week it has been
You've been traveling far (yeah)
I said Oh what a week it has been
Can't understand it at all

It's my pleasure
To give you help
When you're feeling so low
I see you concealing
Without a doubt
But what could you do?
The highlight of my life
Shined on those when I enter the room
No one left with
Just one scratch
More like bruises instead
Track Name: Backwards
Following your footsteps
I don’t care
If you’re standing there
With your back turned
While I dare
You act unaware

Pardon me oh
Honestly do you get that way
Pardon me well I don’t really mind
Solemnly you just go backwards

Jumped through the fences
Caught a glimpse
Nothing made much sense
A lead on a mission
They roll out
Planning their steps for now

Back room lies stabbers
Stepping back
They don’t stand a chance
It goes to show
Words that whisper
Grow to hang around
Track Name: Window Body
On my feet
Just a fool
Your eyes gaze to other looks
When in doubt
This I found
The more you think of
Drags you out

Lies we breathe are so damn cold
Window body's home
Save yourself and all that's guilt
Spit up flowers that wilt

Anger comes distant now
No more answers to black you out
Hang it in
Head up high
Don't look back just
Watch the tide
Track Name: Better
What I feel
It doesn't matter at all
Cause I still
Look at the painting you stole
Look at the painting you call art

I feel it’s for better
But I'm incorrect
I feel it could better for me

For me its for better
I feel the endeavor
Do things

I got sometime
So very distant from now
I lost my time
The first hand was spinning around
How do you wake up from now
Track Name: Bottle Rocket
When my eyes go to rest
In the back rests my lens
Someone help out
They got his youth this time
When my eyes go to rest, to rest

Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rock

Four days into July
Never thought you'd go blind
Sparks set off
Right towards you won't dive
One eyed half sight goodnight, goodnight
Track Name: Holes
Why would you
Hold me down
Stay awhile
I can't tell
Which way out
Take a walk

I found holes in you
You never wish I knew
I threw stones at you
You never wish I could
Clues start fading
From the start

Always and now
To say that I belong in this world sideways
In time, with rhyme
I'll shine before tunnels eat up my mind

My brain aches
Feels like five days
Would explain
Can't concentrate
Hearing calls
Echo our names
Old cave paint

I found holes in you
You never wish I knew
I threw stones at you
You never wish I could
You can't save me
From the start